Health Disorders in men and methods to overcome them

There are lots of people which are struggling with lots of disorders and doing every possible ways to overcome them. These disorders will directly affect your behaviour and change your mood into the different way. It also irritates you and makes you weak. There are some health disorders which are classified in types. They are;


Þ    Eating Disorders: This type of disorders involves the conditions which are extremely full of emotions, behaviour and follow through the rough attitude headed right to food. One of the most famous and noticed eating disorder in men is the binge eating disorder as if this attack people consume lots of foods even after their bellies are full. They always feel hungry all the time. They try to overeat the food when they in a stage of dieting. With these there are also other disorders which attack people and they are Anorexia, Bulimia. In order to overcome this attack you need to search for the dietician or a therapist who can help you come-up with this disorder and also you can search for the support group which help you to ignore eating.

Þ    Body Image issues: With this type of disorder the people are concerned a lot for their appearances and they always feel unhappy by the way they appear in public and feel much conscious about their body. If those feelings reach to extreme level then you can say that the person is suffering from {BDD} body dysmorphic disorder. People having this type of disorder will be more conscious about their looks and feel as flaws. This will attack on the body parts like skin, hair, muscles, nose and genitals. You can overcome this issue by truly understanding your imperfection, don’t talk about your body do ignore all the issues related to body and always focus on good things.

Þ    Psychological: The term Psychological disorder means a kind of mental disorder. The research has revealed that this type of disorders put your life in troubles and keeps you psychologically in tension and strain. This might occurs at 17 years of your age and moves through your age. This disorder has included some categories like Neurosis and Psychosis. They are classified in to some types they are;

  • Anxiety
  • Somatoform
  • Dissociative
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder

Þ    Mood disorders: Mood disorder is a health problem which includes all types like bipolar disorder and this type of disorder also called as affective disorder. It is normally affects the depressed people, children and in adolescents. It directly affects the brain cells and makes you change the mood. The symptoms of this disorder is feeling of sadness, feeling guilty, want to die, aggression, disturbance in sleep and many more. This disorder will be overcome and treated by antidepressant medicines and individual physiotherapy. These kind of disorders are divided into different categories such as;

  • Major depression
  • Dysthymia disorder
  • Manic depression
  • Substance induced disorder

Þ    Mental Disorders: There are lots of men who suffered with this type of disorder. It has been an area of concern for the men’s when this is discovered by the doctors. In this type you won’t notice any symptoms and you feel more week when compared to even before. There are some situations which leads to the mental health syndromes in men. They are;

  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Substance misuse
  • Personality disorders
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Due to continuous disorders, one might need regular health and medical check-ups. By availing health insurances cards like EHIC Card will helps you in getting quality medical check-ups at free of cost.

Memories of My Childhood

Memories of My Childhood

Childhood memories have the nostalgia. As time goes on we miss our childhood, it is one of the best stages in life to go through. Every child has nothing to worry about. One is normally free from anxiety and work. The only thing that seems important is eating, playing and drinking. These memories are very precious and they last forever. At times fighting and enmity was the order with my other friends. At one time we were friends and the next time we really fought.

Memories of My Childhood


When I remember those days of my childhood, I feel very happy over the pleasant time I had. I really did not have worries at all because my parents would take great care of me. I used to move up and down in the fields with my companions the whole day when we were not in school.


There are incidences that I still remember to date when we out to the grazing fields and we would come back home very late in the evenings. There was a time we went to steal fruits from a neighbor and we got caught. We left one of my friends hanging on a barbed wired as we tried to escape but he later caught up with us. This did not spare us a beating from our parents.

It was on a Saturday afternoon when I and my friends had gone to swim at a nearby river. Some of my friends were very good in swimming but hardly did I know much. My friends forced me to swim and due to the high levels of water I was carried away. I screamed and luckily my friends heard the screams and rescued me from drowning. I really appreciated their efforts in saving me, that day I really cried.


We really loved football. It was the order of the day and we played the whole day and we would cheer up the team that won. At times we had to be reminded to take lunch. Especially during school holidays we played so much with a ball that was just made from ordinary paper bags put together.

I remember one day when we had for an Agricultural show with my family members. I was in front and rushing when I had mum calling me I did not look back. I walked hurriedly, I got lost and it took them almost an hour trying to trace me, they later found me in the bouncing castle. After we left this incident made me have a beating and I would be left at home when there were such events.


When we went to school I was very mischievous and would move the chair for other students and they would fall down. The rest of the class would burst into laughter. But this gave me a punishment which I did the whole day. I had a past that was filled with pleasant adventure and memories.

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